Social Media Safety

Many of us use Facebook to connect with friends and share moments of our lives with them.  Unfortunately, some people see Facebook as just another tool to gain personal information and use it to gain lines of credit and other services. 

Recently, posts are being shared that are similar to a survey and are normally titled “let’s get to know you”.  These posts ask personal questions about yourself that you answer and then share for your friends to see.  Some of these are harmless while others are created to gather information about you.  Some of these questions asked in the survey are the same security questions that are asked when creating accounts.  Some examples of these are, where have you lived, what was your first car, what was your high school mascot etc.  Hackers can then build profiles with your information and these questions to establish lines of credit or possibly gaining access to your existing accounts. 

All Facebook users should refrain from participating in these posts as there is no way to determine which ones are safe and which ones are not. 

As a reminder, there are many types of scams ranging from phone, email and social media.  Everyone should be cautious in providing any personal information over these platforms  Phone scams are still very popular and many scammers are now cloaking or disguising their numbers as local phone numbers in efforts to get more people to answer their calls.  If you feel that you have suffered the effects of a scam, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance. 

Respectfully yours,

Chief Jason E. Godley

Waterloo Police Department