Counterfeit money found in Village


The Waterloo Police Department wants to inform the public of a new scam that may have found its way into our local communities.

Counterfeiting United States monies is a common scam that occurs frequently. Recently, US bills that look normal with the exception that there are pink and purple Chinese markings on them have been used to defraud local businesses. This scam appears to rely on the victims not paying attention during the transaction. Scams involving this form of counterfeit money have been occurring for two years all over the United States, Canada and Australia.

These bills are manufactured in China and sold on the internet as Chinese banknotes. Chinese bank tellers then use these banknotes when learning how to count American currency.   Criminals are purchasing these banknotes online and then using them here to try and pass for real money.

On May 1st, a complaint was made to the Waterloo Police Department reporting that a male found one of these bills while walking on West Williams Street in the Village of Waterloo. The counterfeit money was a $100 bill and is pictured above. It is unknown at this time if anyone has tried to pass these bills in our community.

All businesses and financial institutions should be careful when counting money and report any incidents to your local law enforcement agency acheter cialis en ligne france.

Jason E. Godley

Chief of Police

Waterloo Police Department